I think days which are extremely routine are starting to become some of the most enjoyable.

Last evening I played Basketball – my annual appearance on the Basketball Court during inter-batch tournaments/intra-murals, if you will. I’ve not played basketball properly since I left home – and I think it’s largely because I’ve not found the time to go play with people. It’s terrible.

I’ve never been an ardent basketball fan – although I really enjoy watching highlight reels. I don’t feel like my love for the game has diminished over my time at University, and that’s largely thanks to my batchmates who text & ask me to play these intramurals. I’d be far too lazy to commit to them otherwise.

This is one of those things I love about where I study. Matches start late in the evening and go on till early morning – and there’s this buzz around all the game venues – all Courts and the field are packed with people cheering on their friends or playing themselves. There’s very little care for sleep cycles or social groups. People begin supporting their batch more than anything else – and start supporting people they see playing well & having fun. There’s  a ton of sledging, but I think that adds to all the excitement.

But that’s never something I’ve understood.

I think our school took basketball as a very chill sport. Therefore even though we loved and we were passionate about it and all, we never really “trained” or “practiced”, nor did we get aggressive in school about the match. None of us who played exclusively at school had that mentality.

Here, I’m unable to understand how people put their aggressiveness on the Court aside when they chill off the Court.

It’s pretty amazing.


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