Over the course of three years, I’ve seen my sleep cycle get blown to tatters because I take on more work that I can accomplish in maybe, 8 hours that I can stay awake for after the class day is over. This year’s been a constant attempt to change that – with me even sleeping 8 hours in my own bed, and sometimes taking mid-day naps – things I didn’t normally do, in a bid to reclaim my sleep.

I feel like a lot of these conscious changes have started coming because I realize I’m going to leave University in within 1.5 years, and if I don’t change a lot of lifestyle habits I’ve gotten into since I’ve come here.

I’ve been super unsuccessful on several days, but that’s taught me a lot about the power of habit. It takes much longer to create one than it does to destroy one. It took less than 3 months for my sleep cycle to be utterly screwed, but three years later, I’m still having trouble figuring out how to sleep properly.

Let me know what you think!

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