This post is going to encapsulate why I love the Debating Society and being a part of the GNLU Debate year after year.

The DebSoc is underappreciated and underrated within our Community. I think this is true for most Law schools which are newer because several activities are rated above activities that are not as lucrative on an individual’s Curriculum Vitae, or which do not directly show correlation to employability and/or admission into Masters courses. So the DebSoc is very tightly knit together, and everyone, including members who aren’t continuously active are very quick to appreciate things that are done well.

It’s also a community that has become, in some sense “exclusive”. As a result of several factors, including the way social circles develop within college – the debating community becomes a set of far too few people than it initially starts off with.

The GNLU Debate is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of debating culture. And that’s probably what I love the most.

This year’s tournament was the largest one we have had, with over 170 participants. As a member from the senior-half of Law school, I think a huge responsibility we had as seniors this year was to show the first years how fun the debate weekend can get. Objectively, I think we did a good job.

More importantly though, I think we showed people what being a part of GNLU was about. A strong sense of community. And that makes me very happy.

This hasn’t turned out as sentimental as I wanted it to be – but that’s possibly exactly what the DebSoc is. No frills, no nonsense. To the point, and matter-of-fact.


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