I think it’s far more accurate to label this as a weekly blog where I decide to post 7 things at one go, rather than a daily blog where I’m consistently posting things. Either way, writing is something (a) I’m still enjoying a fair amount, and (b) People are still reading. While the latter has never mattered to me, the fact that it happens is always nice. I will never get used to responding to people who tell me about my blog in person, but that’s for another day.

Examination schedules really need to ensure exams end on a Friday, and not on a Monday. This is for a variety of reasons.

  1. Kids who end exams on a Friday get the weekend to chill.
  2. Nobody has the motivation or the energy to study for 2 whole days for a midsemester examination when it’s the weekend.
  3. Everyone’s sleep cycle is messed up during exams, so providing them with a weekend to recover is excellent.
  4. Students will not waste one set of black & white formals for 2 hours of a written examination.
  5. Monday blues will not hit students.
  6. Nobody will have to go to class immediately the day after finishing exams.
  7. People can go home if they so desire.

As you can tell, my grouse is predominantly that I didn’t get a weekend after the exam ended. And this isn’t the exam department’s fault. Things were out of their control.

That doesn’t mean I can’t rant about it.

In other news it’s been almost 15 days since I last went to the gym.


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