Some really fun friendship developments.

I’ve decided to make it a habit to drop personal texts to people on their birthdays. If nothing, it’ll help me stay updated about people’s lives – and understand how diverse my school batch really got.

Also, I feel like it’s a really good way to begin conversation with people who aren’t in Law school – the kind of conversation I have begun to enjoy more.

Considering it’s friendship day, I’d just like to thank everyone who puts up with the friend that is me – I’ve learnt a lot from each of you, and the data I’ve collected from our friendship will be useful in preparing my dissertation: “Friendships: A Study”, which will feature social commentary on friendships in the millenial, Internet age.

And a lot of GIFs.

This week will feature more consistent writing – because it’s a week where I’m going to write whenever I have thoughts, and not wait for the end of the day to type out things on this platform.



Let me know what you think!

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