August has begun.

August is a pretty weird time at college, for a multiplicity of reasons. Things begin to pick up, so oftentimes you start to see your friends a lot lesser over the course of the month.

Also, there’s randomly a week of midsemesters you need to go through, which is quite a bit of pressure, but also very enjoyable.

It’s an exciting time because this year’s fifth years are back on campus too. The first years get their first glimpse of the graduating batch – the seniors who’ve been through four years and all the emotions that come with it.

That’s a scary interaction.

But first years, your fifth years can be some of the greatest people you end up speaking to. I know mine were – and continue to remain a huge part of who I am and what my identity at college is.

You’ve got one year to try to speak to them in close proximity. While even after they leave they’re going to be a part of our mad GNLU family, the one year they’re here for will probably be the best time to get gyaan out of them.

And to make some pretty amazing friends.



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