I’ve fallen in love with food shows again, just as I’ve started trying to exercise a little more in life. That should make things interesting, to say the least.

My mum and I have always shared an appreciation for food, and my dad’s enabled this love so much by being willing to try out new cuisines – so long as they are vegetarian. Literally, growing up, the only restriction I’ve had, diet wise, is “let it be vegetarian”. That naturally meant mum and I watched Masterchef thinking about whether we could use potato the same way they used different cuts of meat, but really, really looking forward to every single dessert challenge – because that’s really where we found recipes we could execute. Although, the only recipe I think we’ve ever tried is making tzatziki.

However my mother never enjoyed competitive eating challenges and shows that featured competitive eating, so Man v. Food was an absolute no-no.

How this ties back to everything I’ve typed out so far is that I’m binge-watching the latest Man v. Food season and seeing all this food makes me so happy.



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