There’s this song, “Youngblood”, by 5 Seconds of Summer, that I absolutely cannot get out of my head.

Speaking of music, I recently discovered that there’s musical theory based on this concept called entrainment. Entrainment is when your heart beats in synchronization with a piece of music that you here. It’s the concept that drives electronic dance music artists to continuously produce music that’s at 120 BPM (best explained in the movie We Are Your Friends).

It’s also supremely interesting that there’s actually Scientific application to this. There’s a band called Marconi Union that created a track called Weightless that works to calm the mind. It’s rhythms apparently put people into a state of “biting sleep”.

I’ve also heard people use it for therapy. There’s much more to read up on this, but I think it’s pretty darn cool that this exists.

Curdrice out.




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