GloPoWriMo 17/30

Today’s prompt is to write about Family Anecdotes

“Home has come”,
A Kannada phrase, two words, that signified our return from every adventure,
Whether I fell asleep in the car,
Dirtied the seats with m&m’s I had been eating,
Or beat my dad at guessing what car was driving past us,
I was always the first one to say this prima facie incoherent phrase.

But “home has come” has stuck with me,
As I moved from one continent to another,
Away from one city to the next,
“Home” has never been a single place,
A feeling, quite indescribable, of comfort,
And warmth,

Of memories and joy,
And wherever I go, I know,
“Home has come”, because while I don’t personalize
I breathe, laugh and cry,
Creating little homes everywhere I go,
And that makes all the difference.


Let me know what you think!

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