GloPoWriMo 17/30

At the start of this year I signed up for Airplane Poetry Movement’s Poetry Challenge, and I really enjoyed doing Global Poetry Writing Month last year. I’ve missed out on lots of prompts, but here’s hoping I can power through and write till the end of the month – maybe even two poems a day and do all the prompts, who knows!

Today’s prompt is Play. 

For 90 minutes, all you can think about is the end of the game,
These 5400 seconds, they make you,
They write your legacy,
They create history,
They will, at some point, bring you fame.

And while I’m desirous of being there,
In your corner, in that stadium,
Where you can see me when you dribble past your opponents, and,
Be reminded, that no matter what you do, I will, forever be proud to call you a friend,
I’m eating chips on my sofa,
Yelling at the television,
Cursing at referees.

For the next 90 minutes, I will derive entertainment,
But you,
You will derive joy.
You will find that these 90 minutes will be minutes you forever remember.
Try having fun, for while playing,
It’s perhaps the only thing that matters.


Let me know what you think!

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