Learning about Writing

I think learning about writing, and the process of writers has been the process I’ve been the most intrigued to learn about. It’s pretty fantastic the way words come together for writers, and the manner in which people work when they decide to write a novel. Some people prefer isolation – secluded spaces of their own where their creativity seems to thrive, while others, appear to prefer chaos, feeding off the energy around them.

What astounds me about the way writers write, so to speak, is that we’re blessed with the same tools as they are. Language. Of course, naturally, some writers are gifted, insofar as they come up with a plot idea so gripping, you keep turning pages. But, more often that not, you’ll notice that a single piece of work has just taken a lot of effort, and a bit of luck. All with the same tools that you’re blessed with yourself. Language.

Language is the greatest part of the human connection, I think.

It’s so fantastic, you know? This incredible ability we have as humans to say what’s on our mind to anybody who is desirous of hearing. Not everyone can appreciate art, or movies, or even food, and other modes of expressing oneself.

But if you’re truly feeling something, it appears that saying it, or just writing it down is enough to transmit everything in your head to another individual.

That’s a pretty powerful thought.

And it hit me when I read Ursula Le Guin’s old-school blog, which I think is pretty cool. I had only ever read one of her books prior to her untimely passing, and I’m now reading the Earthsea series.

Being able to communicate through language?

Possibly the coolest thing we’ve done as a human species.


Let me know what you think!

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