Long Weekend

I’ve been unwell for 3 days now – waking up consistently with a fever, some sniffles, and then beginning to cough to get the sputum out of my system. Which has led to some classes being missed outside of my quota for committee work, but it’s given me some down-time.

Since the start of September, I’ve pretty much been hopping from event to event in formals. I went through my phone’s Gallery and found 120 photos featuring yours truly, but all of them in the same formal Shirts I possess – which I ended up washing and using for all events. Aside from the realization that I’ve gotten to a point in life where having a multitude formal shirts is now necessary, I figured out that I hadn’t really taken a break this month.

Which is why I’m very glad the long weekend is here. Recently I wrote a small piece on how difficult I found taking time off. But I figured that perhaps this entire illness episode is my body craving down-time and sleep.

I’m also glad I could use the time to get back to my reading, which had taken a bit of a hit with all the work going on.

There’s a lot to look forward to this weekend, not least the extra amount of time I get to spend in my room. And the fact that I don’t need to wear formals this Monday.

If someone could get me Italian food right now, I’d be very grateful. (just putting this out there.) Missing home a fair bit.


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