The World Turns

Isn’t it strange,
That the Earth spins,
The Sun shines,
and we have a Moon that reflects,
But humans can possess and express emotions that make
Them feel like the Earth has started to spin in the wrong direction,
Or that the Sun will not come out any longer,
Or, worse,
That the Moon will no longer reflect the light in their lives on a dark day.

What we also have, however,
Is cloud cover, which,
Offers the comfort of shade and shields from harsh rays,
Forms rain that kisses parched lands,
And the knowledge that we don’t control any of these phenomena.

Thankfully humans also possess the rationality,
To understand that didactic logic dictates that therefore,
The Earth will continue to spin and orbit,
The Sun shall rise, and set,
And the Moon will reflect the light that shines in your eyes, and your eyes only.

Tomorrow, as it did today.


Let me know what you think!

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