Waking up is hard to do on weekends, especially on weekends that don’t have any deadlines, or important work to be done.

This weekend was one of those. If you’ve followed this blog for long enough, you know that my year goes crazy after the first couple of weeks – with activities every single day and whatnot. So having a weekend where all I’ve done is sleep is quite divine.

Although, I must admit – I have gotten bored. It isn’t easy to sit wrapped up in your rug reading a book and using your phone all weekend. What’s worse is that I repeatedly forgot to make myself Rasam, and my general health deteriorated into a cold/sore throat thing. Over the weekend I read Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – a book I’ve give 3*’s to on Zomato, and on my 2017 Reading Challenge, largely because it managed to make a slow weekend slower. I’m sure it’s one of those books you learn more about every time you read it however, and I’m somewhat certain I’ll give it a rave review in a year or something. Time changes your perception of things around you.

Might I also use this opportunity to tell you about my dislike of the rain. It’s been raining intermittently in Gujarat for the past two days. While I appreciate what it’s doing for the temperature & for the farmers, I’m not at all stoked about having to wear nice sandals until the mess to get my feet wet. Nor am I appreciative of having to shut my windows and suffocating in humidity. You think 2 monsoons in Gujarat would help me acclimatise. You’re wrong.

Let’s look forward to what next week holds, shall we? Apart from 5 days of lectures, I’m eager to start work on a new project under a Professor. Hopefully it leads to some interesting research outcomes, or atleast me learning new Law. Also, intra-moot season is on – so learning new Law for that. Whatay fun.

This third-year thing is finally hitting me, although some first years are my age. I think it’s the Law subjects. Professors are finally ensuring we read the Bare text of the Act, something that hasn’t been emphasised before at University. There’s also a lot more happening per class – in terms of the matter that’s being covered. So missing class isn’t a great idea.

More nerd things have been accomplished this weekend, but I’m too lazy to write about them. Still trying to get back the mojo and will to write daily. Hopefully that’ll come back this week too.

Also, Happy Birthday to a junior of mine who read this blog since I started posting updates on Twitter. His feedback has meant a great deal, and knowing that he’s able to relate to what I write has made me want to write more. Law school’s a rough place, dude. I’m praying you don’t become one of the cynics we have around here.




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