This is a daily prompt that a friend suggested looking up, and while at first, I was rather intrigued, I was extremely unconvinced I could pull this off. Especially after seeing that the word of the day was pluck.

I started off writing “Pluck, go the strings of my heart”. This was intended as a piece about how the piano has never been an instrument I have loved inherently, but an instrument I have grown to admire. It was also meant to be a piece about how I’ve been desirous of learning the guitar, to the extent that I have a left-handed guitar sitting at home, but I haven’t had the courage to get it to University. I was also, at some point going to discuss how I wanted to learn the violin, and I’m hoping to learn the violin someday. There were going to be multiple layers of reference to how the strings of my heart loosely relate to my relationship with string instruments, and how there are things that tug at the strings of my heart – each time that I look back on things I have failed to do. Upon thinking about this elaborate plot for 5 minutes, I got down to business, composed 500 words, and then deleted all of them because I felt like someone would feel I was writing a love song when I was not.

Then I went and I saw posts that people posted using this particular daily prompt. I came across some fabulous pieces (all here:, till I clicked on this link: and I saw this incredible Buddha quote.

So I thought maybe I could model a piece around that for the day. And I figured I could talk about how University is this unrelenting experience of discovering what you love, because instead of plucking at things, or letting go of things, rather, what you’re doing is watering and setting the foundation for the plant that is the rest of your life. I was going to include a few jokes and some incredible philosophy about how we do this at every single moment: in that every moment is this fantastic learning experience that somehow adds up. At some point I wanted to talk about Physics, for it’s one of the only things I’ve been forced into and absolutely, completely detested (and then loved).

Then I realized that Buddha quote had the word love too. And that this post also had the likelihood of being perceived as something it was not.

At some point I wrote 200 words and deleted them.

Ultimately I had nothing remotely exciting to talk about today, so I decided to chronicle my creative process of using the backspace button, and also discovering that Ctrl+A (select all) is the toughest combination of keys to reach from the typical typists position: using your little finger for Ctrl & your fourth finger for A. The next letter I pressed was Delete.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get over my brain thinking every post will be perceived in a way it isn’t meant to be. And perhaps I’ll have interesting things to share.

I’m also attending an MUN in Delhi this weekend, my first MUN after two whole years. To say I am excited is an understatement.



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