The Worst Question I Ask

What’s up?

Offlate, I’ve recognized that in an attempt to prolong conversation with an individual that I’m enjoying conversation with, I ask “What’s Up?”, or variants thereof, which extend to “What’re You Upto?”, or “What’re You Doing?”

While only a part of this is because I legitimately am interested in what people are doing, because it provides an ample opening to gauge what hobbies individuals have, often, I ask this question to escape the monotonous route conversations have died off into, in an attempt to resuscitate them, or to provide a segue to some more interesting conversation.

Recently, someone I was chatting with asked me,  “How was your day?”

A question I’ve only heard from my parents before.

And in an instant, a rush of things I had done in the last 8/12 hours passed through my head. I found it so thoughtful and concerning that an individual was interested in how I had spent my day, and whether I had actually enjoyed it, or, how everything I had done made me feel.

I was buzzing, and my hands typed out things rapidly.

Till I took a breather from my phone and picked up a book, kicking back on my bed to read, and realized.

That “How was your day?” was just a macro version of “What’s Up?”. Because “What’s Up?” refers to a singular moment or minute, while “How was your day?” refers to 8/12 hours, or a longer period of time.

This confused me greatly.

Apologies for the June posts, I know I wrote far less frequently than I did in May. Maybe I can make up for everything in July.

Here’s a start.



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