I didn’t write for a week because I actively stayed away from writing for a week. Clarifies things? Yes? No? Okay.

My summer vacations are over, and as of one & a half hours from now, I’ll be changing my e-mail signature to say “Year III” in place of the “Year II” that it previously carried. This post will be a short, succinct summary (we shall see if this is true) of what my summer has been, and what I’m looking forward to in the upcoming year.

Summer has been that feeling of waking up in your own bed and the comfort of your own home daily. It’s been that feeling of being pampered by my mother’s food, eating rasam nearly three times a week, and being able to watch TV while sitting on my spot on the sofa.

What summer was, was escape from the life I live in University – that adventure that is restricted by grey walls, and being around the same people daily. Meeting different sets of friends, making new friends (hello to all who now follow this blog!), and getting back to the light blue shades of my life. It was pure, simple bliss.

On the side, I successfully completed a four-week internship at a marvellous place, where I learnt that I possess a liking of Tax Law, amongst other Laws, and am not completely averse to the idea of a desk job. I also understood that I can eat out of a dabba only when it is packed by my mother or my aunt, and that I am eternally grateful to the dabba gods for ensuring dabbas came in different sizes. Else my mother would have stuffed me even more.

Additionally, I wandered around using #NammaMetro, something I’m incredibly proud of. Bengaluru needed that Green Line. What a blessing it’s been. I got from Jayanagar to Blossoms in 25 minutes.

If you don’t know what Blossoms is, you have problems.

I also read a bit, and tried learning how to read & write Kannada, my mother tongue. I can now write 5 letters. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get there.

What didn’t I do?

I didn’t play Basketball everyday, like I set out to. I managed to play for three weeks(?) or something, before my body gave way to the warmth and comfort of my bed.

I also didn’t learn enough of the Piano. I bought two Piano books, hoping to learn a couple of new pieces. Eventually, I learnt two. I’ve now carried them back to University, in the aim of playing some more this semester.

So what am I hoping for this year?

I don’t want to be as mechanical as I sound on this blog. While I don’t believe I’m mechanical in real life, when I reflect on my day, I often find that I make the same observations daily, or that I go through the same set of emotions daily: Happiness, Frustration, Happiness, Comfort, Anger, Happiness, Sleep.

Yes, sleep is an emotion.

But, yeah. I find that University days throw up different challenges everyday, but that my response to these things are fairly predictable. Or, are responses which I am capable of foreseeing.

I see no point in that.

I’m hopeful, that more than anything else, I’m able to share some new observations here daily. Something different that starts a train of thoughts that eventually leads to a semblance of a blogpost.

That’s all I’m hoping for this year.

Break some shackles of creative monotony, and write things that communicate the gnarly waves of my brain (thanks, 3000), to my doting blog-readers a bit better.

Also study some Law.

Like, really, really study some Law.

Because that’s what I’m here for.

And also because I am, at the very core of my being,

A massive nerd.



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