My Contribution to the Water Bottle Industry

Please get RFID tags. Please also, become unbreakable.

I am absolutely certain that I hold an unverified world record for number of water bottles unconsciously broken or lost. As a kid, I used to hang my water bottle on the hook at the side of my desk in class, which used to be really low.  A result of this was that everyone kicked the bottle on the way to their desk. Eventually, the bottle broke.

I also had a nasty habit of using the neck of the bottle to spin the bottle around my fingers. Without much control, the bottle used to go out of my hand and onto the wall in an instant. K.O. Bottle.

I lost another bottle yesterday. A shiny Green Tupperware.

Locating it would be supremely helpful. Would also aid my camel vibe, with the amount of water I drink.

Apologies for not blogging as often in June. But never fear. Today is a start. Lots of content to come. Pray for entertaining days ahead.

And rains.

Bangalore, you beauty.


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