I have previously bemoaned my inability to stay in touch with my close friends from high school. Nonetheless, catching up with them is a highlight of my trips home, when it is made possible by a multitude of circumstances. Nothing provides me as much joy, which increases manifold when it is coupled with a road trip.

So when my friends told me we’d be taking a road trip places, I didn’t hesitate. It was just a matter of convincing the parents. That proved to be easy.

What today’s car journey to Mysuru, from the airport in Bengaluru gave me, was a sense of comfort and understanding I thought I had lost after University began. All my fears of a “disconnect” were assuaged, as my friends tickled me, as we ended up in a pool with a ball, as we played cricket and invented new rules, and then ended up eating unhealthy foods. All I could remember was Grade 12. Which was fun.

I’ve never really understood why I was so attached to these individuals. A little bit of thinking in the wee hours of the morning (while they sleep in front of me), appears to make that clear. There’s a simple answer, and I think this is true of my friends at University as well – it’s just that we see each other every single day for 4/5 years, and that, – shared experiences and memories, sticks, and forms a bond.

I’ve come to understand my writing has become reflective of some whacko Scientific method that is embedded in my head. Reading a few recent posts, all I see is: hypothesis, construction, deconstruction, evidence, steps, observations, conclusions.

So much for trying to veer away from the path of Science by doing Law.

(also, Ajji [both of you], I’m very aware that you’re reading this – mostly because I haven’t revealed my exact location to you over the phone when you attempted hard to get me to give you a location. Hello. I am well.)





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