I hath completed my second year of University, and that feels fantastic. It’s so rewarding to know two years of this journey are done, because I can look back and recall most moments I’ve spent at law school – and I’m pretty happy about what this place has given me so far. Although I have my trepidations about becoming a third-year & getting into that dangerous “middle batch”, I’m very excited about what the next three years will bring. I look forward to the uncertainty. All I want to do is learn.

I’ve had a pretty swell day. The exam went great, but the post-exam celebrations were lovely. A couple of us went out for pizza, chilled far too long at an ice-cream/dessert parlour, watched Fast & Furious 8, and consumed too many calories for a single day. But, hey, if you don’t consume the calories to burn them off, then where’s your motivation, eh?

Watching Fast & Furious 8 with my batchmates reminded me of where I’ve been when I’ve watched each of the movies in the series, and the joy that the movies have given me. While I admit that the plotline has several holes, and the action/graphics set overwhelming, it’s so nice to see cars with modifications – and the camera depicting different modifications like “Nitrous” on a particular car. As a car junkie, and a general motorsport buff, the only other time I get that thrill is while playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted. On the whole, this movie has more similarities to 6 than any other, for me: I chilled with friends, somewhere around exam-time, with very few cares in the world. Ate lots of caramel and cheese popcorn, and had an all round good experience.

Today was also my first time in a mall in Gujarat – after studying here for two whole years. And AlphaOne/AhmedabadOne did not disappoint. It’s pretty much a Gujarati version of Phoenix MarketCity: the layout is the exact same. The marked difference is that I don’t need to window shop here.

I celebrate my nineteenth birthday tomorrow, and the first (I think), I’m spending away from my parents (for atleast half a day). It’s relieving not to have exams on my birthday, nice to be around friends, and I’m very, very eager to get to Pune and kickstart my summer holidays.

There’s so much to get done. I have a lot of plans for this summer, and I look forward to sharing my escapades and adventures with you.


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