GloPoWriMo 30/30

What continually rings in my ears,
Is advice I’ve heard passed down for generations in my family,
“Study now”, they say,
“You’ll have enough time later to go out and play.”
“Your marks accumulate like money in a bank account”,
My grandmother once remarked,
She said I’d be able to withdraw it whenever I want.
I have a problem with that mentality,
And I’ll try to explain that slowly,
Why does society base itself on marks?, I ask, as
A participant in a system that promotes hierarchy.
Why study now?
Why not learn?
For our education system doesn’t teach us to succeed,
But promotes our conformity to rigidity,
Our futures at stake,
Based on the subjectivity of professors,
Why not promote continual learning?
Don’t tell me answers,
Ask me questions,
That’s the point of information,
Innovation: to,
Erase past notions and push the boundaries to,
Limitations that society thinks it is caged by.
But that doesn’t happen,
My society – we promote,
Preventing endless learning.


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