GloPoWriMo 27/30

Blue means something,
I can’t quite put my finger on it,
But it sends a signal to my brain,
That sends warmth through my body,
Makes me feel wind through my hair,
Lifts my feet off the ground.

Blue stops time.
Emotionally draining, frustrating,
Blue sparks comfort,
From the first bed I slept on,
To the walls in my first room,
To the colour of my favourite chair,
The photoframes with my father cuddling me in his arms,
Blue takes me places I enjoy revisiting.

Blue speeds time up.
I recall every item of blue I own,
Every tinge in my soul,
A hue,
My dream University,
Another pastel shade,
My nemeses.

Blue tells stories,
It carries with it emotions:
Loneliness, Comfort, Happiness,
Can scream out Stop!
When the world says Go,
And is the colour I call Home,
In the confines of grey walls I’ll never get used to.


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