GloPoWriMo 20/30

If I ruled the world,
I would de-segregate:
Visas, Caste, Class, Religion, and Borders,
They keep us apart and contribute to the
Decline and fate of the human race.

I would educate,
Fill people’s stomachs with information,
Perspectives and perception,
In the hope that this would lead to more acceptance,
And a less ignorant society.

If I ruled the world,
I’d strive to help people find things they love,
So pessimism would be replaced by a
Drive: Passion,
And optimism would fill every soul.

If I ruled the world,
I’m not sure what else I would do,
Except I’m certain I would prevent tyranny, and populism,
Share my power with more than a few.


Let me know what you think!

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