GloPoWriMo 10/30

Today’s prompt: Write a love letter to something you hate

You split my country into nonexistent boundaries and leave your aftertaste in my mouth for
5 whole years,
By which time I can finish off my Law degree and hopefully settle abroad,
Just to escape your clutches.

You provide headlines for my grandfather, who revels in your existence,
But you scare my Ajji to her wits:
For every day she begins to believe our country is filled with hatred and violence
A little more than she did yesterday.

You create arbitrary standards for success,
But your success rate is akin to Domino’s promise of 30 minutes or free,
Because where you fail to deliver,
Nobody is able to hold you accountable.

Such is your grasp over people’s imaginations,
That they fail to see past your saffron or your tricolour.
You drive the youth into an ideological frenzy,
Where religion, language, and corruption are part of their daily diets
But you take our country nowhere,

For we still fall behind on metrics globally accessed and viewed,
And every indicator you provide is an improvement only compared to your Opposition,
Because blurring the line between truth and fiction,
Is not a trend that Donald Trump has started,
But a contribution we should be proud of providing to the World.

Let me know what you think!

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