GloPoWriMo 1/30

In pyjamas, I sit,

Thinking of the comfort of home, as I swelter in heat

In pyjamas, I sit,

Browsing away on the internet,

When deadlines loom large in front of me.

In pyjamas, I sit,

Remembering every time I wore pyjamas at home, and

And spilt food on myself while eating dinner,

Prompting a change in pyjamas,

But today,

Spilling food on oneself doesn’t yield a fresh pair of

Doesn’t yield a fresh pair of pyjamas ready in my closet to slip into,

But rather,

The thought of having to trek till the laundry,

And collect the clothes

I had given last week,

Or the thought

Of having to wash my pyjamas,

With the Tide making my toes nimble.

As I think about these things,

The absurdity of it all strikes me.

I’m wearing pyjamas,

In heat rising to 40 degrees,

That shows no signs of slowing.

And I realize:

If pyjamas can set off this much thought,

Then thinking about a project due

Can do a whole world of good.


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