I can feel my brain form compartments for things that I do these days. Like a hard-drive, I see folders, sub-folders, and files for every task that I do. It’s very strange, experiencing this, because each time I return to a task after taking a break, I feel like Microsoft Word loading on an old Microsoft XP PC. Slow.

It’s uncanny how this all begun, and I think I’ve started to make these observations a lot more since I got free time, of sorts, but it’s trickled down to every part of my day. Conversations with people seem to be stored away and re-opened for reference each time I indulge in one. This compartmentalization has become so ingrained to things I do that my reading has taken on new forms: I have a book on my bed, on my table, in my bag, and in my laptop bag.

I think it’s pretty cool, being able to do this. I feel more dedicated and committed to the work that I’m doing as I do it, because I’m less distracted by the other things or the mountain of other work that’s staring at me, simply because I’ve stored it in some other part of the brain.

I wonder if there’s a word for this. Or if there’s Science behind how/why this happens. It’s very intriguing, but it’s helping me stay relaxed. I’m enjoying myself a lot more too. I’m also listening to a lot more music, which is definitely contributing to the way I carry myself these days.

There’s an Oxford Handbook about music therapy I have to read. Will source it from somewhere. More about this when I figure out what it’s all about.

Tomorrow’s a Friday, where I’m ordinarily supposed to have 4 classes, but I have 5, and then a working Saturday. Joy.



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