I’m averse to the notion of unhealthy competition. My belief, at this moment, is that human greatness has been achieved by people spurring themselves on and being surrounded by people who pushed them to work harder, simply because they worked hard as well. Healthy competition fosters this beautiful learning-teaching environment, where everyone learns collectively because everyone accepts and understands they’re weak at something.

The other beautiful part of healthy competition is that it allows you to appreciate people’s achievements, and it teaches you to learn from people’s accomplishments through conversation, understanding and self-introspection. It’s rather lovely.

Law school is a rat race at times. Everyone’s cracked an entrance exam that prides itself on the small acceptance percentage, so everyone is very capable. But everyone is equally motivated to end law school at the top, and that can get ugly at times.

Today’s been one of those days where the competitive environment I’m in has gotten into my head. I’m not sure whether I can talk to people openly about avenues I’m exploring, or things I’m doing, out of a vague fear of sparking off negative vibes. I don’t know how to pinpoint it, but I’m scared to get people’s views on projects I’m currently undertaking.

Yet another thing I need to get over with time, I guess.


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