Our last conversation ended with a full stop,

A full stop,

And two blue ticks,

Status: Offline.

It’s been a week since that day, and ever since,

The one thing that’s been on my mind,

Is whether you still need me as much as I need you?


I think back to when I was being ragged and you were adjusting to your surroundings,

And the only thing that kept us sane was knowing that the other was alive,

Alive and ready on the end of a horrible internet connection,

To listen, laugh, and make us smile.


Over time, however, we seem to have drifted,

Though this never shows when we actually meet.

It’s been a week, and all I can think of,

Is whether you’re thinking of telling me about

A new song,

A new movie,

A thought,

An emotion.


Or whether this is what it’s come to,

Just two blue ticks,

And poof. You disappear.


This may sound overly clingy,

I swear,

That’s not what it’s meant to be,

But I’m tired of initiating conversation,

So I’ll just wait,

Wait a while,

And maybe someday soon you’ll see those two blue ticks,

And think of the time where

Status: Typing

Was our status

All the time


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