I fell asleep during one of my classes today. My eyes dragged shut and my head bobbed up and down rhythmically, but I wasn’t bothered. Waking up was probably the hardest part. Took a cold water splash to fix the concentration.

Today was another set of birthdays: the birthday of my grandmother, and a friend who understands me better than I understand myself at times.

My paternal grandmother has been a source of constant support in my life. I used to spend my time as a kid vacationing: a month in Bangalore, and one in Pune. Because I didn’t have any friends here, and my relatives were working, the only thing that kept me sane during the day was the television, books, and my PSP, if I had carried it along. There’s nothing else I enjoyed doing, even though my parents sent mountains of holiday homework they had conjured in a vain attempt to keep me busy.

I never understood it. In Bangalore, I spent my time watching Pogo, staying indoors, reading a few books, and eating amazing rasam. In Pune, I spent my time watching Beyblade, learning about Pokemon, playing lots of board games and eating gulab jamuns and ice-cream  – so much ice-cream.

My paternal grandmother was one of the first to realize I was a child on holiday. She encouraged me to go out in the complex and make some friends. She got me to play football and cricket with the big kids – which led to a hand injury one year, which she tended to and heard me complain about for three weeks. She introduced me to kids and got me an invite to someone’s birthday party – so I didn’t feel left out when I was in Pune. And she traveled with me in an auto to places I really wanted to go. It was fantastic.

We used to speak once a week, and I’m very glad that I’ve taken that tradition over to college. Sunday means one call to Pune, a brief update about how things are there and stuff. She’s a very lively woman – she enjoys cakes and sweets, and since I used to be around for my grandpa’s birthday, we used to get cakes from Mongini’s to celebrate the day. So today, when I called her, it surprised me a little when she said she wasn’t doing much to celebrate. I told her to make payasa, or some sweet, and I really hope she did. The sweets she makes are divine.

And no tribute to her is fitting enough without mentioning her uppinkayi, which is ‘pickle’ in Kannada. Nothing will ever come close.

Moving on to the second birthday, this girl is a person who’s been on my friend list on facebook for 4 years, but who I really got to  know only after we graduated from school. We were in different sections, which means we didn’t really interact all that much, but I hate the fact that I waited for so long to chill/hang out with her.

Since we have become real-life friends, however, no one has taught me more about myself. And she’s the only person I know I don’t have to hesitate about calling, no matter what the time is. While that says a lot about how messed up our sleep cycles are at University, it also points out how close we are as individuals.

We’re also very different people, but she’s one of the few individuals who helps me feel like Lawyers aren’t boring people – and I cannot thank her enough for that.

I’ve always joked about getting a cut of her paycheck, because she graduates in a year from now, and I graduate in 5, and I’m looking forward to receiving my first bit of pocket money soon.

While the common thread between these two individuals is that they both reside in Pune, another link is that I understand things with a lot of clarity when I speak to them. My grandmother, over the years, has taught me about hard work and has reinforced studies by making me understand that my work is the only thing I control. While this 20 year old (eek) has made me realize that it’s good to let loose and give yourself time off once in a while. And not to be too hard on yourself. Because I do that often.

So yup. That’s my tale of the day.

If anyone’s actually keeping up with my daily posts, thank you very much for reading. While I’m really just writing this to maintain a creative outlet, it feels good to share these words with the world.


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