I love the Internet. There’s so much information available out there, and the Internet manages to connect us to a little more everyday.

Here’s what I learnt today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vZXgApsPCQ

This TED Talk, on Rejection Therapy, is perhaps one of the greatest talks I’ve come across. It’s worth all 15.31 minutes of your time.

Rejection. It’s tough to deal with, but it’s extremely important to deal with it and confront it in your own way. Rejection from society, rejection by peers, rejection from Universities, and a sense of rejection you create for yourself.

I love this Rejection Therapy thing – Jia Jiang’s given more talks: something I’ve heard before (it’s 51 minutes long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_W2LeWe-RU), and what’s really cool about it is that the message is that you need to embrace the qualities you have – the qualities you bring to the table.

It’s pretty sweet and gave me a nice, motivational boost to carry on with my day.

My mom always forced me into uncomfortable social situations, to get me out of a shell she was worried I’d have as I grew older. I hate interacting with people I don’t know. It’s very simple. I’m afraid that they’ll think I’m weird, or will label me, or won’t be able to connect with things I have to say. I’m worried that conversation will be awkward.

Something to change about myself. For sure. It’s lovely to just ask questions. Don’t be worried about not staying true to an image you’ve created for yourself. It’s okay to ask things you’re uncertain about.

I’ve learnt, the hard way, that it’s better to ask for help than to figure out something you don’t have a clue about. It took me a Physics Board exam, where I scored a 68%, to realize that I needed tuitions. I was so worried about how I’d lose some portion of this ridiculous idea I created for myself – that I could prepare for exams on my own, that I wasn’t able to see beyond that, and see beyond that for something I wanted more than preparing on my own and doing well. Doing well in general.

The next time you’re confused, ask. Ask for help.

And if someone rejects you, find another person to get that help from.




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