Day Two

I’m struggling to come up with creative titles, so this will have to do.

Day two of my writing project. Here we go.

Today I discovered the beauty of friendship. I told my friend I needed my kettle around dinnertime. I returned from the library and walked across to his side of the hostel to get my kettle. To my disdain, there was a lock on his door.

I called him, no response.

I rang up his roommate, no response.

I was in dire need of my kettle, so my brain was calculating the time and effort it would take to procure another batchmate’s kettle, or to perhaps go in search of this friend.In a hostel atmosphere, neither of these options are efficient.

Finding someone takes ages. Finding an object takes even more.

You’re possibly better off without the kettle, I told myself.

I walked back in despair, in the darkness to my hostel room.

“Eyy” I heard.

I looked up. First I saw boxers, then I saw my kettle, and then my friend.

The hostel is a fun place.

We walked back to my room together. Me, glad to have my kettle. Him, giving me company.

It was a beautiful moment.

In addition, my Economics test has been advanced to Wednesday, I have a Jurisprudence test on Thursday, and the GNLU Debate starts on Friday.

What a week I’m in for.

Thanks, Monday.

Curd Rice, out.


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