Year Two

Committing yourself to blogging is a difficult thing, as I have recently found out. In the time I have been the most free in 2016, I have written a grand total of one blog post.

I know, I know. I can hear the gasps from my chair here in Gandhinagar.

Yes, I’m back at University (not College). Yes, this does mean I’ve completed a year of Law School, albeit without giving four exams (much to the dismay of my grandmother). I shall be giving these exams now, which means studying when pretty much no one else on campus is.

It’s quite strange to think how time flies. 26th June last year, I flew to Bhubaneshwar to complete admission formalities at the National Law University, Orissa. I still remember being extremely skeptical about the place. It was Rath Yatra and some violence had broken out in Orissa, so there was a complete bandh. My mum and I spent the entire day at the Bhubaneshwar Airport, making incredibly fun conversation and sipping tea with cardamom (best tea I’ve had). Being the social being she is, she even got the Airport staff to make an announcement on the PA system, calling out for other students seeking admission at NLU-O, so I could make some friends before University began.

One year later, I’m very grateful nobody showed up.

When we finally managed to get out of the airport, (at 5 pm, after landing at 8:30 am), Orissa was a breath of fresh air. I think there are a lot of misconceptions in India about what other States are like, and down South, there’s a very tainted image about the East. The roads in Bhubaneshwar (looking at you, Expressway) were infinitely better than the roads in Bangalore. What I loved about Bhubaneshwar was how fantastic the cement to nature ratio was maintained – there was a fantastic amount of greenery. When we got to Cuttack, we were shocked at how well the campus had come up. Our surprise was aided by the low expectations we had set for ourselves.

My admissions process involved a lot more running around, and if Indigo had a frequent flyer program, I would have been in the Gold tier within the 3 weeks I spent at Cuttack. I flew Bhubaneshwar-Mumbai-Ahmedabad and my mom flew Bangalore-Ahmedabad some 6 times before I settled into Gandhinagar on 28th July.

Good times.

It was mere coincidence that I left home for second year on 26th June 2016, which bought back a flood of memories on the flight.

As a first year in Cuttack, I managed to order Dominos to campus within two weeks of being there (with three other co-conspirators). Yes, I had a bit of aukaat.

Coming back here for second year doesn’t feel too different. Not much has changed around the place, except for the mirrors in the common washrooms. It feels like I was away for a week, or two, at most. Which, last night, was a fantastic thing – I got to sleep without feeling homesick.

On reflection though, it’s a bit bittersweet. Familiarity in Gandhinagar means that my body has grown to call this place home.

Which is odd for me, considering how attached I am to things and places.

Nonetheless. I’m very excited for what second year has in store.

Once I finish my four exams.

Which I should probably study for.

Instead of blogging.

Curd rice, out.



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