Life Update and Dosts

You must understand, if you’ve been reading, that the past month has not witnessed any tid-bits of my life magically popping up in your inbox. Nor have I posted any. This is inexcusable.

That’s a mere caveat assuming I have loyal followers. My fanbase, I assure you, if you’re reading this in the future, you know I post regularly now, and that my life isn’t really half as interesting as I make it sound. I assure you, I’m not half as humerus in person (smart joke, huh?).

I think I should explain that. Humerus is a bone, I’m not half the bone. You get what I mean.

Creative flow, friends.

My writing is difficult to explain. I hope it isn’t half as difficult to read.

This post is a life update.

The 29 days of February were essentially the most stressful days I have had since I’ve come to Gujarat. I went to the hospital once, got wounds dressed repeatedly, faced mobility issues, worked on my moot, took exams, did a certificate course, played for Pro-Nite on Pentagram, and a whole lot of other things.

Except blogging. It’s very sad. I promised myself I would attempt to get back to writing and expressing my views, but I gave up in February. Why? Priorities.

Psh. Ridiculous.

I also lost touch with friends. Something I realized today when I didn’t notice the clock struck 12, and forgot to wish someone for their birthday. Someone who means a whole deal to me for the sheer impact they have had on my life, with bits of knowledge, lots of conversation, and being an incredible person.

Friend, I apologize. Will make it up to you, I promise. I’m really, truly sorry. (Wouldn’t write about it otherwise).

To all my other friends, if I’ve missed on significant portions of your life, please message or call me at the earliest. Let’s talk. Or Skype. Save some money, eh?

I’d like to rephrase that. If I haven’t annoyed you in a week with a “What’s up?” or a “How’s life?”, or basically any generic question which would irritate you, but would help me keep in touch with you, message me.

Else, know that I will message you, soon.

Also, please know that if I’ve been around, in some capacity, to listen to you in the past, I will be around, at any time, to listen to what you have to say. This distance argument is invalid. Gujarat is not that far.

(Yes amma, I have friends)

All my college dosts, thanks for updating me and helping me catch up with your lives. I believe 3 treats are due (over-due), and we may have 4 or 5, if (when) the next 10 days are awesome.

You all are my Hobbes. Not the Leviathan Hobbes. The true Hobbes. Let me illustrate.animals-ch

I digress a lot.

Anyway, I write this now in the earnest hope and belief that I will continue to write as much as possible. For, even if you’re not reading this, this entire space on the interweb, this URL belongs to me. It’s the one place I can express what I’m thinking behind the security of a keyboard and an IP address that will throw people off. (Psiphon for the win)

For those of you who don’t have it, download Psiphon. It’ll be useful. I assure you.

In other news, I’m attending an MUN in a day. The last time I was a delegate was back in 2014. Ahh, HMUN India, how I miss you so.

Now I shall sleep.

Goodnight, world. Curd rice, out.


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