Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe, and I had some time to myself, one of the things I have been trying to do is learn Kannada. I am a Kannadiga, but predominantly growing up outside the State, and then in a part of the State that had a low percentage of the population embracing the language, I never learned how to read or write. The Kannada I speak is also a blend of Kannada and English, and some -isms that are unique to my household. My vocabulary improved only as a result of my parents speaking the language at home. I have felt bad about not knowing how to read or write the language since it feels like one of the ways in which languages die: each subsequent generation understanding lesser of the script than the previous generation. This is a bid to do my small part to prevent that from happening. I also harbour broader ambitions to read Kannada literature in the original. Maybe that can happen one day too.

Kannada Academy: Week 2

Although it was only my third class, my teacher feels more familiar. There is a pattern that he has managed to establish for our classes. It’ll commence with a short reading test, where I will struggle with some words, and then move toward fresh things. Yesterday’s class started off with: “ನದಿ – ನದ”ದ ನೆಲೆನಾಲೆ ಅಲ್ಲಿ…

Kannada Academy: Weekend 1

I have waxed eloquent on this blog about my desire to learn the Kannada script before. My ambition in the past two years has remained unchanged. The unfortunate part is that I have done nothing about it. That is not entirely true. I have tried. My mother and my chikkamma taught me the script briefly…