Welcome to my home on the Internet. 

I am currently a PhD Candidate at the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow with the Balsillie School of International Affairs. Alongside, I serve as International Secretariat Manager with the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law,  Research Assistant with the Bennett Institute for Public Policy & Operations Co-Lead, Project EduAccess with interests outside of the law ranging from the academic study of music to reading microhistories, analyzing sports statistics and understanding political philosophy.

I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2021, and the Gujarat National Law University in 2020. When I started law school, I found that I was consumed by things relating to the law, in a way that prevented me from continuing hobbies I had that weren’t easily integrated with the subject. However, I was still interested in sustaining childhood interests and developing a writing habit. The additional push from my parents led to the creation of this website. 

While I log all my professional, academic writing and output, it is here, that, inspired by Austin Kleon’s philosophy to Show My Work, you will also find an archive of all my creative energies. This space hosts my blog, where I pen down thoughts and observations from my life. It hosts my reading lists and book reviews, which I write occasionally to keep track of how my thoughts on literature evolve. There are links to music and podcasts I have created and projects I have been committed to. Finally, you can also preview and subscribe to my newsletter, a daily e-mail blast containing the most interesting things I found on the internet. 

In short, this space, more than any other on the internet, represents me digitally. 

All artwork on this website and on my newsletter is courtesy of Mokshada Amur. If you like it as much as I do, please encourage her talent and support her work.

Feel free to look around and get in touch. I look forward to hearing anything you have to say.