2019 Reading List

Below is an ever-expanding list of books I read in 2019 along with a summary and a star-rating, with a maximum of 5 stars (*****).  Also hyperlinked is a link to a review of the book.


  1. Amitav Ghosh – The Glass Palace – **** – Historical fiction that traces the impact of colonial events on middle-class society in Burma and India. A gorgeously written story covering love, loss, melancholic realizations, and life – the traits of some well-described characters who develop as the book progresses. Star deducted for abruptness of happenings in places, but granted, a limitation of attempting to cover a 100 years in 500-odd pages.
  2. Katherine Arden – The Winter of the Witch – ***** –  A fitting conclusion to an excellent fantasy trilogy. Set in medieval Russia, this book blew my mind for the levels to which the protagonist rose, but also for the manner in which Arden adapted her retelling of ancient Russian folktales. Definitely recommended.